Goals work when you constantly keep them in sight

75% of the people give up on their goals/resolutions 1 week into the new year. We are now 3-weeks into the new year. Hope you haven't given up on your goal.

I was "lost" when I was about 1-year old. It was a warm day. In order to cool the house, my mom had the doors and windows open. I was playing alone while my mom caught up with her housework. She checked on me every so often, saw me playing and continued with her work. And then, she came to check on me again and did not find me. She ran through the house, but no sign of me. She went out the door, and did not see me. She checked with the neighbors, who didn't know where I was. Within minutes there were 10 adults looking for me in the neighborhood.

Finally, my mom checked under the bed covered with an extra large blanket. And there I was. Sleeping quietly under the bed.

Goals are sort-of like that 1-year-old me. If you don't keep them in your sight at all times, they easily tend to get lost.

Write your goals on paper every morning. It serves as a reminder to work on the things that are important to us. Keep that paper in the pocket you keep your wallet in. So every time you take out your wallet, you will take out your goals as well.

It's almost magical how this works. When you are constantly reminded of your goals, you will find the time and resources needed to accomplish your goal.

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