I was going through my old files and found some notes about responsibility that I believe you will value. Here's what it says about Responsibility.
  • When you take responsibility, you are giving yourself a little bit of promotion in life.
  • Responsible behavior means accountability.
  • It represents maturity.
  • It means creating the right attitude and environment for you to operate in.
  • Most people take responsibility for their success. Few take responsibility for their failures.
  • Responsible people avoid phrases such as, "Everyone else does it", "No one does it", "It's all your fault", etc.
  • Responsible behavior is very important to teach at an early age.
  • People who use their privilege without responsibility lose their privilege.
  • People use petty reasons for their irresponsibility.
  • We have a responsibility to contribute towards the well-being of our society and our family.
  • We can do that by providing for them, protecting them, becoming successful ourselves and setting the right example.
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