The 4-Hour Success Window!

24 hours in a day!
We spend 8 hours sleeping - left with 16 hours.
We spend 1 hour in the morning getting ready and eating breakfast - left with 15 hours
We spend 8 hours working at the job - left with 7 hours.
We spend 1 hour in lunch break - left with 6 hours.
We spend 1 hour commuting - left with 5 hours.

We spend 1 hour preparing and eating dinner - left with 4 hours

How you spend these four hours tells where you're headed in the future.

Here's how 1 group of people spend these four hours:
  • They start a side business.
  • They study to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • They make business deals
  • They learn a new trade.
  • They get a part-time job to put money into savings and investments.
  • They invest into their children's lives by helping them build memories.
Their mindset? Work now so we can enjoy our tomorrow.

Here's how another people spend these four hours:
  • They watch prime time television.
  • They party with their friends.
  • They spend time watching movies on Netflix & YouTube.
  • They socialize on social networks.
  • They are on the phone (texting, playing games or calling)
Their mindset? Let's enjoy today. Tomorrow might not come.

The result of their habits in a 10 year period? It's pretty evident.

It was eye-opening for me, the first time I heard it. What did you think? Comment below to send me your thoughts.

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